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Life Situation

Feeling disempowered? Stuck in lower vibrations?

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Life Situation Akashic Reading: As a requirement for this reading, you will be sent a form on booking which you will need to fill out detailing a description of your current life situation, what you are experiencing, listing as many problems as you feel are contributing to the different aspects going on in your life at this time. Every situation in our lives has a root cause. These root causes originate in various ways. They can be through karma, beliefs, intentions, actions, trauma, or many hidden misalignments to our Divine Soul Blueprint. The Life Situation Reading is for you to resolve specific issues that you are currently encountering. In this reading we are defining a “situation” as any number of third or fourth dimensional experiences that have the same energetic root cause. In other words, the same blocks and restrictions are manifesting themselves in your life in a number of different ways. The underlying energetic situation, however, is the same. Usually there will be between one and three energetic situations that need to be addressed. Rarely are there four! You will receive information that will give you a clear understanding about the blocks, restrictions, and energetic programs creating imbalances, which chakras these programs are being engaged at, and how to clear and remove them precisely. If we neglect any of the energies that we are here to integrate as human Beings, our chakras will become off-balance. This is a highly organized frame of reference that will serve you to access highly specific, practical, and actionable information from the Akashic Records. This process will uncover Imprints, Beliefs, Hooks and Cords on you mental or emotional bodies by past or present life experiences and how these are affecting your life situation now. Energetic programs once identified and released will create a profound experience in your day-to-day life. The adjustment of the energetic field will create a spiralling transaction of mindset adjustments in your current life and beyond. This is a reading that will allow all the parts of you that have been stuck in lower vibrations to rise into your new higher frequency. We call this "clearing the life situation in the Akashic Records". What is included when booking your Life Situation Akashic reading: 75min presentation of your Life Situation Akashic Reading via Zoom/ online. ● A transcript for your Life Situation reading. ● A recording of your session. ● Akashic Energetic Clear

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Please contact me as soon as possible, if you need to reschedule. There is no charge to reschedule if notified 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

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