Mini Akashic Reading

Your Divine Soul Gifts & Origination

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This is a mini reading of your Akashic Records! This is for you if you want to understand what your Divine Soul Gifts are. Essentially this is who you really are, at Soul-level.     The  Energy  Centres  are the most important aspect of our Divine Soul Blueprint because our Energy Centres are also how we are designed to receive vital force energy from Divine Source.    There are two specific energetic qualities that your Soul is mainly comprised of. You can think of this energetic quality as your Divine Gift - it really is the essence of who  you are at Soul-level.        Our primary and secondary Energy Centres are our Divine Gifts. They are the energetic resource we are inherently most abundant in. They are the aspects or qualities of vital force energy that we are built to infinitely receive from the Divine Source.  Making choices based on our Energy Centres is the same as living our Divine Gifts and our Soul’s Purpose. It is the key to creating an abundant, fulfilling human experience.                 Most people tend to resonate more with whom they want to be, rather than who they are.       I will tune into the vast information available in the Akashic Records and connect to your energy, your Records, and your Spirit Guides. After booking your mini Akashic Reading, you will receive a PDF document with the following information at a minimum: 🦋 Your Soul Divine Gifts, your Soul’s purpose, specialization, strengths, weaknesses, what to look out for (traits etc.). 🦋 Your Soul's Origination, how that shows up in your life (traits etc.). 🦋 Your current vibration rate and what this means. 🦋 If there are spheres of protection present for you at this time, and if they were present at birth, and what this means 🦋 How many white/blue lights are present for you at this time, and what this means (if applicable) 🦋 How many spirit guides are currently assigned to you

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